Sonic the hedgehogEdit


The main hero of the series

Sonic is the main protoganist of the series and appeared in the original series. 

After the battleEdit

Sonic is still the same as he is only he relaxes more, let his spines grow thick and teaches kids how to be a freedom fighter in case another evil arizes. 


Sonic is a kind hearted, fast paced kind of guy, Sonic teases his friends but his jokes usually get mistook for insults. Sonic tries not to bash on people's thoughts, dreams or ideas.



Sally is Sonic's main love interest in the series. The two do their missions together most of the time. Sonic and Sally grew up together and depend on each other because their families were not around to raise them. Sonic and Sally are going steady.


Tails is Sonic's best friend. Sonic feels close with Tails because Sonic knows what Tails experienced having no parents to take care of him. Sonic is like a brother to Tails and tris to find Tails some friends because Tails is eleven and Sonic is sixteen. Sonic has started taking Tails on more missions.


Bunnie and Sonic are like brother and sister, not a love interest. Sonic is very nice to Bunnie because he feels it's his fault Bunnie is half robotisized. Sonic and Bunnie go on half the missions he goes on with Sally.


Sonic and Antione do not get along very well.

  • Sonic and Antione both like Sally.
  • Sonic is a loose cannon, Antione is a poised, up tight, prissy boy. Antione is jealous of Sonic because Sonic has special privelages due to his speed and stealth.
  • Sonic is popular and liked by everyone.
  • Antione is made fun of alot.


Rotor is Sonic's second best friend. They like to have girl talk and make robots.


Dulcy and Sonic have a pretty legitimate relationship. The two bicker alot but get along either way.


Sonic thinks Amy is weird for obsessing about him but thinks she is cool for a twelve year old. Sonic does not encourage or discourage her love for him but tries to avoid that situation. Amy tails along with Sonic and Tails for most of their small missions.