Sally AcornEdit


Sonic's main love interest and a main protagonist

Sally is a main protogainist of the series and appeared in the original series.

After the battleEdit

Sally has pretty much stayed the same except she died her hair mahogany brown and she wears a blue vest.


Sally is a gentle kid at heart girl who likes to be around Sonic, Tails, Bunnie, Rotor and Dulcy.



Sonic is Sally's childhood crush and partner in crime. Sally likes Sonic but hates his ignorance.


Tails is Sally's "nephew" she tries to keep innocent.


Bunnie is Sally's best friend and strenght. Sally depends on Bunnie's strength.


Sally does not like Antione because he obsesses over her and wants to marry her badly.


Sally and Rotor are like brother and sister and do not have much of a relationship.


Sally uses Dulcy to travel places. The two have a proffesional relationship.


Sally get's bothered by Amy because she thinks Amy is a brat and does not like her around Tails. Sally is secretly jealous of Amy because Amy has a way of getting her way.

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