Rotor the walrusEdit

Sally Rotor Dulcy by laerry

A main protagonist and the mechanic of the series.

After the battle

Rotor has gotten taller and switched back to his old design. Rotor is giving Tails and some young freedom fighters lessons on how to make/modify/destroy machines.


Rotor is very patient unless it comes to Antoine. He does not spend a lot of time with people so he has very brief relationships with his friends because he spends time making more robots.



Rotor and Sonic have a pretty good relationship. They have a lot of girl talk and do a few missions with eachother.


Rotor and Sally spend time doing a few things:

  • Making/Modifying Robots/Badniks/SWATbots/Buzzbombers.
  • Finding a way to get rid of robotisized parts on people like Bunnie and uncle Chuck.
  • Teaching Tails how to defend himself by taking advantage of robot's codings.
  • Planning missions.
  • Advice on Bunnie.
  • (and) Upgrading N.I.C.O.L.E.


Rotor and Bunnie are going out due to their one main interest: Derobotisization. Bunnie and Rotor will later learn they don't really like each other.


Rotor (and Sally) are Tails mentor to machines and defense. Rotor plays with Tails because Tails is emotionally lonely.


Antoine is the only character Rotor has no patients with. Antoine helps Rotor sometimes with machines but messes things up a lot.


Rotor once made Dulcy kneepads for her legs because their scraped up. Dulcy and Rotor do not talk much.


Amy is one of Rotor's new students in learning the art of machine. He is scared of her because she is an expert with dangerous things as if she is killer. ( but she's not )