Miles "Tails" ProwerEdit


Sonic's best friend and secondary protagonist of the series.

After the battleEdit

After a few months since Robotnik's "end," Tails had a birthday and has been promoted to more missions with his friends. Tails fur changed color from brown to orange when he accidentally swallowed a power ring trying to catch it. 


Tails has changed a lot during the months. Tails has been more accurate with his flying and aiming. He has been more independant and likes to play with Sonic and Amy.



Sonic is Tails best friend and sidekick. Tails and Sonic are like brothers.


Sally is supposedly Tails's Aunt but that is probably what he calls her bacause he knows shes not his mom. Sally tries to baby Tails but Tails is independant.


Amy is like an older sister to Tails ever since he met her. Tails and Amy do not seem to have much of a relationship with each other.

The rest of the freedom fightersEdit

Bunnie , Antoine , Rotor and Dulcy treat Tails like little brother and try to include him in things.