Dulcy the dragonEdit

Sally Rotor Dulcy by laerry - Copy

A main protagonist and the wings of the freedom fighters.

After the battle

Dulcy has grown into her natural scale color and has improved her flight skills.


Dulcy has a very kind heart and is trying to find more dragons like her. Dulcy likes to hang around Antoine, Tails and Amy the most because Sonic, Sally, Bunnie and Rotor usually do their own things together.



Dulcy is Antoine's best friend and one of the only people nice to Antoine. Dulcy plays card games with him.


Dulcy and Tails have a close bond because Dulcy tries to spend time with Tails because she knows there are too many grown-ups busy to play with him.


Dulcy seems to like Amy because Dulcy and Amy spend time together with Antoine and Tails.

Other freedom fightersEdit

Dulcy gets along with all the freedom fighters and flies Sonic , Bunnie and Sally to places.