Dr. Julian/Nialuj (Neo)Robotnik/KintoborEdit

Robotnik 57

A main antagonist. and the main villain of the first 2 seasons.

Becoming "Neo" Robotnik

Robotnik's soul never moved to heaven or hell because it stayed to haunt Snively but found it's way through a badnik and used the badnik and made a better body using the red and purple Chaos emeralds. NeoRobotnik's design is pretty much the same as his first series (season one and two) attire only his face is the only flesh on his "body" and his shoulder blades are yellow and not red.


Robotnik has a very evil personality and wants total world domination. Robotnik has no relationship with anybody.


  1. Get revenge on Snively for betrayal
  2. Get revenge on the Freedom fighters
  3. Collect 7 Chaos emeralds
  4. Robotisize the Master emerald===
    Egg Robo 3

    A badnik put together by the red and purple Chaos emeralds. Robotnik's spirit found it's way into one and used it to make a new, better body.

  5. Kill Sonic
  6. Revive Robotropolis