Colin "Snively" KintoborEdit

Snively The Great 003 0 01 by anejlek

A main Antagonist of the series.

After the battle

Snively Released Naugus and King Acorn from the zone of no return and half robotisized them. Snively later destroys the Robotisizer and replaces it with "The capsulater" which puts beings in robots so Sonic won't destroy them because he would take innocent lives. Snively has many outfits he changes into per episode. 


Snively has a very cold, wicked personality and takes advantage of others trust. Snively has no relationships with anyone.


  1. Start where Robotnik left off
  2. Capsulate every being
  3. Collect all 7 Chaos emerald
  4. Destroy the Master emerald
  5. "Become" the Master emerald
  6. Kill Sonic
  7. Brainwash Sally
  8. Defeat Reborn Robotnik
  9. Rule the world
  10. Have a life
  11. Be wealthy
  12. Be a king
  13. Be a titan