Bunnie RabbotEdit

Cp bunnie rabbot by terrarita-d4nrcfj

The strongest freedom fighter and a main protagonist

After the war

Bunnie has not changed much except she is still trying to figure out how to get her whole body back and her fur is smoother.


Bunnie is a strong willed-brave-kind-hearted kind of gal. Bunnie has a texan accent. Bunnie is usually nice to everyone except sometimes Antione makes her crazy. Bunnie is currently going out with Rotor.



Bunnie and Sally are best friends and are like sisters. Bunnie is always there for Sally and always giving her boy advice.


Sonic and Bunnie are like brother and sister, NOT love interests. Sonic depends on Bunnie's strength and luck, while Bunnie depends on Sonic's speed.


Bunnie is an aunt figure for Tails but rather treats him like a little brother. Bunnie has raised Tails the most out of all the freedom fighters because she feels it is her fault that Sonic and Sally have no family and a lot of responsibility for young adults so she chips in by raising him.


Bunnie is always irritated by Antione's ignorance for a lot of things. Bunnie and Antione do not see eye to eye but are secretly love interests.


Rotor is currently Bunnies love life because Rotor depends on Bunnie's strength and assistance, while Bunnie depends on Rotor's machines to one day bring her whole body back.


Bunnie and Dulcy do not interact much because Dulcy hangs around Antione, Tails and Amy.


Amy is like a little sister to Bunnie because Bunnie used to be like Amy before she became a freedom fighter.