Antoine DepardieuEdit

Antoine depardieu by joeadok-d4nosl3

Ze annoying protagonist zat brings comic relief.

After the battle

Antione has changed a lot after the battle of freedom. Antoine has become a little more serious but not enough to make people like him. He also also has caught on to american terms like BINGO! and has cleared some of his thick french accent.


Antoine is very serious but a little too serious. Antoine is very confused on things like jokes and confuses names like Kung-fu with something like "King-fu" and is madly in love with Sally and secretly interested in Bunnie.



Antoine is madly in love with Sally but he doesn't realize Sally hates him.


Sonic is Antoines frienemy because he likes Sally too. The two don't get along because "Sonic iz ze derrrty peaazzant" and Mua izz ze keing ov ladiez" but, Sonic does help Antoine out a lot.


Antoine and Bunnie spend a lot of time with eachother because they secretly like each other a little.


Antoine and Rotor do not always see eye to eye but help each other out a lot.

Tails , Dulcy and AmyEdit

Antoine spends the most time with Tails, Dulcy and Amy which is not saying much. Antoine does not have a relationship with them but they play games like cards with him because they know no one else will spend time with him.