Amy RoseEdit


A new protagonist and Sonic's biggest admirer

Life at Knothole

Amy has adjusted to Knothole after moving out of the Great caverns. Amy enjoys being around her "true love" Sonic (and Tails too.)


Amy is a nice girl who hides her insecurities under a spoiled attitude and behavior. Amy does try to get along with people but has a hard time because she is very outgoing but learns that is not always good. After meeting Sonic and Tails, Amy has loosened a lot. Amy is mysteriously very good at using weapons like hammers, this makes the freedom fighters very suspicious.



Amy is madly in love with Sonic because he's everything she wants to be, so she spends countless time with him and Tails.


Tails is like a little brother to Amy because Amy will play games with him because she knows he needs friends around his age.


Amy does not like Sally. She thinks Sally is a snotty princess who always gets her way and does not treat Sonic well. Amy still is nice to Sally but gets in bickerments with her a lot.

The rest of the freedom fightersEdit

Amy gets along with the other freedom fighters acceptionally well because even though she was new to Knothole, they treat her like family.